Cygnett, Part 1: Soundcheck Headphones

Cygnett SoundcheckWell, you know that when I start a headline with a Part 1, this means that there just has to be a Part 2, yes? This is the case with all the Cygnett stuff that has been sent to me, which includes this here pair of SoundCheck headphones.

Believe it or not, it is actually hard for me to review headphones because I always have to say some sort of variation of “they sound good”. These particular ones have some “dynamic sound” and “powerful bass”, and yes, I am just quoting from the company website.

So here is what I know from my experience. I am trying them out right now, and the bass is really making the YouTube video that I am watching really stand out. They also block out the background noise, so use with some caution if you want to enter a new world of sound.

These SoundCheck Headphones are designed for mobile devices, but I’m okay with them on my laptop. Anyway, if you want to get in on these headphones, it costs about $49.99 on the Cygnett site.

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