Amazon could deliver their merchandise via flying drones

Amazon droneLast night on 60 Minutes, Jeff Bezos, CEO of, made some big announcement that won’t be as immediate as a new version of the Kindle Fire, but it is still pretty groundbreaking.

He basically stated that the world’s biggest bookstore is going to be able to deliver its merchandise with drones. That’s right, these things that you see here with all the propellers could be delivering your Amazon orders, within a half-hour.

Now, you won’t be seeing this coming out this year, or the next one, probably. Bezos stated that it could be another four or five years, but the Research and Development is really pushing this one.

So I guess we can look forward to PrimeAir making deliveries in a 10 miles radius, which I am going to have to assume that will start off in big cities with hubs and all. Granted, there will probably have to be a lot of safety violations that have to be filed, but this is clearly where we are headed: flying drones.

Yeah, you ever get the feeling that we are getting to be more futuristic in a real short amount of time? Just think of the day when the sky will be filled drones. All I can say is: head’s up.


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