DODOcase Endangered Species case is one great gourmet iPad case

DODOcase_Inkdwell_Family_c50cde2b-badb-4324-9e20-dd25fb73f7b8_1024x1024I have to admit that I have seen a lot of iPad cases in my years of tech writing. Most of them are the typical Folio covers, and usually the best that I get is leather. This was before I saw the DODOcase.

DODOcase really puts out some high quality products for all kinds of devices like smartphones, e-readers, and tablets. I had the awesome chance to try out the DODOcase Endangered Species: Bighorn Sheep, made for the iPad Air and iPad 2, 3, and 4.

As you can see, it has a ram on the cover, and this is the rare Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep. I had no idea this was an endangered species, and proceeds from the sales of this DODOcase will go to the Eastern Sierra Interpretive Association (ESIA) and the Migrating Mural, public artwork from Jane Kim, who created this image.

Yes, I love any product that is trying to save the Earth as much as the next guy. What I really admire about this particular case is how it feels like a very old book. It has a hard cover that you won’t find in books these days, and I think we sort of lost that when we went to all paperback and e-formats.

In addition to the unique feel of this case, it has two modes for users. The first is a Perch Mode allowing for a landscape view, like watching a view. Then there is a Typing Mode, made for just that.

It really is a gourmet iPad case that I will recommend for anyone who can afford it. It will cost about $124.95, and it can be purchased here.

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