Knightscope robots are the first generation of robot crime-busters

KnightscopeThere is a company known as Knightscope which is doing something that no one has ever done before, at least in science-fiction. Yes, they are working on autonomous data machines that will be robot watchmen, apparently.

These K5 and K10 robots have sensor suites that can see in the dark, recognize weapons and faces, and they can record audio. That sounds pretty simple, but my Sources says that it can “detect aberrant behavior”. So what is that, like stealing. Perhaps that would be a simple program.

I am guessing that these robots are not going to be busting anyone, hopefully, because this is how science fiction movies begin. I am guessing that all it will do is patrol and call the cops if there is any real trouble. Well, let’s see what kind of world these Knightscope patrollers will give us. will it be a safer place?


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