Olloclip Macro 3-in-1 Photo Lens for the iPhone 5/5S

Olloclip 3-in-1_macro_lens-middle-img1I have been reviewing a lot of Olloclip, and when I heard about the 3-IN-1 Photo Lens for the iPhone 5/5S, I thought I had reviewed it before. Nope, it was the 4-in-1 Lens.

This Macro 3-IN-1 is one of those the clip on the corner of the camera lens type of accessories for the iPhone 5, and thus the iPhone 5/S. Like most of their products, it is made by anodized aircraft grad aluminum.

There is an Instafocus Hood that can stand alone and be used as a magnifying glass. This screw-on hood allows for three levels of magnification with 7X without the hood, and 21X super high magnification with a tighter field of view.

It is really interesting to see what Olloclip has out, and I look forward to seeing what they will have in the future. It is available on the Olloclip site for $69.99.

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