On second thought, I do want a Galaxy Gear!

Samsung-Galaxy-GearI know that I have been very negative about smartwatches in the past. Yeah, I had that message/post to Samsung a while ago, but I had a chance to finally try out the Galaxy Gear for myself.

I am not certain whether I like the idea of talking into my watch, but it really is about time that we got on it, after decades of science-fiction depictions. Now, talking to the watch is about as good as using a Bluetooth speaker, but not as convenient as a headset. That is all that I will say about that.

Let me just say that I am now sold on a watch and smartphone working together in tandem. After all, how many times do you check your smartphone just to see your messages on email, voicemail, or text? Why not just use “that clock bracelet on your wrist”, like that one lady on the Jack on the Box commercial.

After all, you rarely take off your watch. Features like Find My Device allow you to, say, find your device. I have used it, and it helps it. There are also other applications, such as a camera. That’s right, you can put a camera on your watch. I don’t think even James Bond had that.

Now, keep in mind that you have to pair it with another device like a smartphone to get it to work. I had a hard time pairing it with the Galaxy S III, but a Galaxy Note 3 worked very well. Now, I enjoy using the Media Player on the watch, but it is a shame that the music can’t stream to the watch. Instead, the watch is a controller for the media player on the smartphone.

Okay, there is one problem. It is pretty expensive to purchase a smartwatch for the smartphone, and people might not want this convenience for this price. Find more information here, and the one I tried was on Sprint.

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