Luxi incident light meter attachment for the iPhone 5

iphone5_LUXI_5I will start by saying that I am probably not the best person here to review this product. This is the Luxi, a diffusion dome for the iPhone’s front facing camera.

For those who are not aware of what a diffusion dome is, it uses the light from the flash to send some of the light straight to the subject while scattering the rest upward and around 360 degrees, which greatly softens the light. Apparently, soft light is better, while hard light, which makes shadows more pronounced, is bad. You can read more about that at this Source here, as I am not a real photographer.

The Luxi is made for the iPhone 5, for better pics, and it can also work on a DSLR as well. Now I wish I could take some before Luxi and after Luxi pictures to show you, but I don’t really speak the language of photography and wouldn’t do it justice.

However, something tells me that there are professional photographers who are looking for improved diffusion, and the Luxi is right up their alley. If so, you can get the Luxi at the Extrasensory Devices site here for $29.95.

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