The SleepPhones and RunPhones from AcousticSheep

Sleep phonesI was fortunate enough to review two new products from Acoustic Sheep. These products are very similar, as they are both headphones in the form of headbands.

In case you are wondering why anyone would make such products, then you should think about all the ear strain caused by ordinary earbuds. I mean, I know some over-the-ear headphones really can pinch the ears and make them uncomfortable to wear, and some earbuds feel uncomfortable if worn all day as well.

I believe that the SleepPhones are designed for those who like to listen to music on headphones from their music player of any kind (smartphone iPod, stereo, or anything else with a headphone jack). There is nothing to stick in the ear, just cover your ears with the headphones.

RunPhones-Blue-Product-Only_0This really is an ingenious idea, and I honestly don’t see why in the world someone hasn’t tried this before, and why it isn’t really a standard. The SleepPhones headband material is soft, unlike its more active brother, the RunPhones. The RunPhones look like they are made from the same stuff as football jersies. The RunPhones are made to repel moisture, and it is made of Polartec and PowerDry mesh.

Yes, these two headband headphones are pretty similar, and the RunPhones is available here and SleepPhones are available here. They are both at the same price of $39.99. There’s even a wireless model available for $99.99.

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