ShockDrop Case for the iPhone 5 from Hard Candy Cases

Hard Candy ShockdropI might as well make a disclaimer: this ShockDrop Case for the iPhone 5 is so similar to the Drop Case from Gumdrop Cases, that I am pretty certain they are just made by the same people.

In this case, the rugged silicone skin bears more of a resemblance to underneath a tire rather than a tennis shoe sole. It has 6 mm of silicon shock for the four corners, and it has 3 mm of overall body shock protection. Again, there is no waterproof protection, but there is black flash ring to show pictures without glare.

In all honesty, I had a hard time getting this case around an iPhone 5. You have to peel it off after you take it out of the box. Hey, this is a good thing. So with the silicone outer coating with the replaceable screen protector, this Shockdrop is an appropriately-named protective covering for the iPhone 5.

You can get it on the Hard Candy site for the iPhone for about $39.95.

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