iHome iB12 Sport Earbuds

iHome iB12It seems like I have been reviewing a lot of headphones that fit well in the ear canal, like the f99 from Incipio. I would have to say that these iB12 earbuds are definitely deserve the name of Sport, as they fit in the ear and fit well. I’m trying to shake my head now to get them out of my ear, but they won’t fall out.

So how is the sound? Do you really think I’m going to say “terrible”? Seriously, it is pretty good. Especially for something that is an earbuds and not headphones. Granted, there are not a volume control or in-line mic, but hey.

So here’s what it does have? An LED safety flasher cord wrap. This is a small box that has a rack that you pull out and wrap your cord around, and it also has lights on it. These lights are handy to have when you are jogging at night, which leads me to believe this is meant for the sporting type that can’t wait until day to jog. More power to them!

So, if you want to get in on this, head on to the iHome site and lay down $24.99.

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