Hands on with the Innergie LifeHub

Innergie LifeHubI have mentioned the LifeHub before from Innergie, and I got a chance to use it for myself. In case you hit the last link and said “big deal, it’s a charging cord”, let me tell you something.

Okay, you know when I say “let me tell you something”, it means something. Especially if you live in a house with a wife and three kids, who all seem to have gadgets that require USB charging. I think we could all use a place with three ultra-fast charging 2.1 Amp USB ports.

In addition to the necessary three USB ports, the LifeHub has a 14.7 foot (4.5 meter) cord. I say, the longer the cord, the better. Just to let you know, there is a power adapter that you have to plug in, which is a little box to the AC power cord. Yeah, I am not certain why that box has to be a part of it, but hey, this is the price for power.

The only thing that I don’t understand is why they went with this shape. It looks like a teardrop with a blue light in it, but don’t hold it against them. It actually has a cool aesthetic about it that reminds me of something that Apple would make.

In short, I really like and will recommend the LifeHub, for your life. I know that sounds campy, but what can I say? You can get it on the Innergie site for about $54.99.

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