My Response to the “Look Up” video

At my church on Sunday, I had a chance to see this viral video known as “Look Up”, which has apparently been very popular at about 40 million hits. Let me just say that it is difficult to criticize a video that has a very good heart.

Not to be too much of a spoiler, but the video warns that we live in an age of technology and social media, but we are still very lonely. This is a message that we have heard before, and you listen to Louis C.K., he has this bit known where he talks about how we have all this amazing technology but no one is happy.

Is it odd that a video that we watch on our computer or smartphone is critical of the culture around technology? Yes, there is a huge sense of irony going on here. It reminds me of an episode of The Simpsons where Sideshow Bob wants to destroy all television, and announces his plan on…television. It also reminds me of an episode of Amazing Stories where a guy gets a magical TV that takes over his life. The moral of that television show is: don’t watch TV. Again, irony.

Still, the message is good. However, I’ve been critical of Christian films because the message is often good, but the rest just plain stinks. You can read my review of the Left Behind movie if you want to see what I think about that.

Please don’t interpret my review of this “Look Up” video as it just plain stinks. Granted, the poem is a little choppy in its rhyme scheme, I’m willing to pardon it because its subject matter is handled well.

I think the comment about a silent passenger train is interesting because mobile technology has reduced boredom to a very singular experience. There is no need to talk to people anymore just to pass the time, and this is something that is quite interesting to note.

What isn’t interesting is how the author comments that parks are empty. They aren’t. There are still kids that play on them, and I don’t think we will ever get past an age of slides and swings in our child’s play.

Also, the idea that you could miss your potential mate because you’re looking on your smartphone is a little…odd. You could nearly miss your potential life-partner through any diversion, such as looking at a rainbow. We can’t talk about the missed opportunities with tech and ignore the opportunities that technology gives us.

Still, this video makes me want to stop whatever I’m doing on my computer and phone and play with my kids. I suppose the video has succeeded in its purpose. To that, I say good job.

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