This Sesame Street video also encourages us to “Look Up”

Man, today must be “get off the computer and enjoy life day”, because both of my posts for today are essentially that theme. I highly recommend watching the “Look Up” video before catching this one. I honestly believe that this simple video from Sesame Street better illustrates the points of “Look Up” in a less heavy-handed way.

I highly recommend watching this for the song alone. Zachery Levi from Chuck and Tangled reveals he’s a pretty good singer, and the song feels better written than the “Look Up” video poet. It’s odd that it doesn’t feel preachy, even though it is dumbed down for a Sesame Street audience. Best of all, it is catchy and fun.

I couldn’t help but notice that there is a scene where Grover is using an Oculus Rift or some sort of VR headset. I point this out because Samsung is planning on putting out a VR headset of their own. I don’t have much details about that, but it is showing that VR technology is getting better. This means we have a lot of potential to shut out “A Lovely Sunny Day”.

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