Laser Presentation Remote from T-Tech by Tumi

Tumi Laser Presentation RemoteI’ve got to admit that I am probably going to review a T-Tech by Tumi product every day this week, and I will also admit that I have seen products like the Laser Presentation Remote before. Basically, the Laser Presentation Remote is a laser pointer that can work as a mouse.

It is essentially designed for those who have to give PowerPoint presentations for a living, which is just about everyone that works in an office. It has two modes, a presentation mode that works with previous and next slide buttons. Then there is the the ESC PPT and BLK PPT to turn the screen black so people can look at you and not your PowerPoint. Yeah, there is a button for that, and there is also a laser on it for a red dot of even more distraction. In case your audience is a group of cats.

The second mode is mouse mode, which means that you can use it as a mouse on the computer. So you can use the joystick to do some interesting touches on your presentation. It works with a dongle, like the Wireless Mini Bluescan Mouse I reviewed the other day. Some of the specs are similar, too.

If you want to get more information on this, head over to the T-Tech by Tumi site, and purchase it there.

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