Snap-On iPhone Case from T-Tech by Tumi

T-Tech by Tumi iPhone CaseToday, I’m going to finish by week of T-Tech by Tumi with a Snap-on Case for the iPhone 5.

I have reviewed a lot of cases, and I will have to say that the iPhone 5 and 5S Snap-on case isn’t that different then others I have reviewed. It is, as it advertises, sturdy and lightweight, and it is made with a Hard Polycarbonate shell with Flexible TPU. I don’t know what TPU is, but I’m guessing Total Plastic Units?

Anyway, it has this weird stitch pattern on the surface which I am assuming is made for a better grip. I’m assuming that a person with the most slippery fingers could hold onto this.

If you have an iPhone 5/5S, and you want in on this action, you can head over to Amazon and purchase it for about $30.70.

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