The iDL46 Lightning Docking Station from iHome

iHome iDL46It looks like iHome week continues here at, as I’m going to review something that I haven’t seen in a while, an iPod dock, the iDL46. Oh man, does that bring me back to the days of the iPod Classic!

In case you need a reminder for what an iPod dock is, it is essentially a stereo speaker where you plug in the iPod on top and the base acts as a speaker. This one is updated for the new generation of Apple products as it has the Lightning Connector for the iPhone/iPad. Oh, by the way, you can charge your iDevice there, the standard feature of an iPod dock. Perhaps we can call them iDevice docks.

By the way, the iDL46 is an alarm clock. Some of you probably don’t remember when everyone had one of these, but before cell phone woke us up, this is what we used. You can wake up to the sound of something on your iDevice or the radio. It also has all the features of a usual alarm clock like snooze and all.

This would probably be a good time to talk about the sound, as it has Reson8 speaker chambers which are “specially designed sealed speaker enclosures [that] deliver astounding clarity, depth, and power”. Yeah, I quoted that from the site, but I tried this out for myself, and the speakers are good.

I want to mention something pretty quick. You have the option of using this as a clock with just two included AA batteries. You have to plug it in to get the features. This is the only drawback of a pretty good product that you can purchase on the iHome site for about $99.99.

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