PUC wireless MIDI instrument for iDevices

PUCI have said before that I often review products that I am not the intended audience for. For example, the iRig Pro from IKMultimedia was an audio MIDI interface, and I don’t really use MIDI much.

However, for those who are really into MIDI, you might enjoy the PUC from Zivix. I’m not certain if the PUC stands for anything, but it might just be some shortened word for puck, because it looks like a hockey puck. The PUC is a wireless MIDI interface made for iOS devices. So if you have drum pad, DJ controller, floor pedal controller, keyboard, or anything elese, you can connect it wirelessly to an iPad, iPhone, or Mac.

You don’t need any Wi-Fi connection to sync your MIDI player with iOS and OSX. The PUC does the work with MIDI in, and wireless Wi-Fi out. It works with any Core MIDI compatible application, like GarageBand.

If you want to get with this, you can head on over to the Zivix site and lay down $129.99 for it.

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