Tonino Lamborghini Quantum EL-01 Headphones

image001(1)Ah, yes, another headphone review! And how can I possibly give a bad rating to any phone that has “Lamborghini” in its title. The answer is that I can’t, because I always thought those flat cars are the best.

It is more than just the name that makes the Quantum EL-01 headphone rock. It has a 10-mm driver for the enhanced bass response, and it really does have powerful sound comparable with full-size headphones. I got that part from the PR department, but I will testify that it is true.

This is the test that I used on my smartphone. When I turn up the volume, I get the usual warning about not turning up the volume. Normally, I ignore this, but the sound was pretty loud on these.

I think that is the best thing I can say about these headphones. I can talk about some of the other features like the one button switch. If you want to get it, you should head over to the Tonino Lamborghini Group site and get some more info. You should be to purchase it for $100-199.

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