My review of Element Case’s Recon Pro Case, Rogue Ducati, plus the Fuse Dek Surface Mount and Zip Mount

Element Case Recon Pro GS5I’ve reviewed Element Cases before on this blog. To me, they are one of the best cases for protection around, up there with Otterbox. I got a chance to try out three of their new products, and I will start with the Recon Pro Case for Samsung Galaxy S5.

You can see that the Recon Pro has this really cool almost futuristic aesthetic to it, something that I believe is to be admired. You can see the CNC aluminum protective back plate which has a lot of metal, but the sides are TPU/polycarbonate which are quite soft for a ergonomic grip.

It certain has an awesomeness to it, and it has a bonus as well. It has an FMS Fuse Dek mounting option, and I will explain what that is later. If you can’t wait until then, you can head on over to the Element Case site and purchase it in Black/Gun Metal and Black/Red for about $99.95.

Rogue Ducati iPhone 5The next case that I had a chance to review is the Rogue Ducati for the iPhone 5. If you aren’t familiar with the Ducati, they make quality and stylish motorcycles, and hey, their label is now on a Rogue case.

This is one iPhone case that requires the user to put pins in it to keep it on. The chassis is made of shock absorbing TPU and polycarbonate polymers, the side protection is CNC machined aluminum alloy, and the rear protection is nice carbon fiber.

In addition to these features, the Rogue comes with a Multi-Mount with a kickstand for watching videos. You can also use the Multi-Mount for mounting on a belt or other type of strap. If you want to get this, feel free to head to the Element Case site and pay $99.95.

Fuse DekI mentioned the Fuse Dek earlier, and I want to explain what I mean what I mean. The Fuse Dek is a Mounting thing that you can use on these phones so you can put them in your car or whatever. It has a Suction cup mount with a rotating arm so you can use your GPS on the road. If you are interested in the Fuse Dek Surface Mount, you can head on over to the Element Case site for $29.95.

There is another model that I want to discuss known as the Zip Mount. This is not pictured, but it is essentially the same as the Surface Mount but has a zip strap and ratcheting system to secure the device to something like a bar (like a bike). You can get that for about $27.95.

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