WakaWaka Power is the solar-powered light we all need

waka wakaEver since I first reported on the WakaWaka, and yes, that is the product’s real name. Forget Fozzie Bear for a while and concentrate on a solar charger that can light your world and charge your gadgets.

The WakaWaka power has a solar panel on one side that allows you to absorb the power of the sun, and then allows you to shine its light for about 150 hours. Granted, it takes 12 hours in the sun to get fully charged, but what do you expect from something solar-charged? At least you can charge an iPhone 5 fully in two hours (or one-fourth of an iPad).

The light is pretty dang bright, and has several settings. One of them is an SOS which allows it to blink repeatedly.

As I mentioned in my previous article about the WakaWaka, I mentioned that this product is designed for third-world countries. Specifically, for those countries that live on kerosene lamps for light, which can be pretty dang dangerous sometimes. What makes it even more of a bonus is the WakaWaka Power has a hole opening so you can mount it on a bottle.

By the way, I am told that Waka Waka gives one of their devices to someone in need for every one that they sell. I have no idea what kind of program is implemented to make that work, but I like the fact that they do that.

I have reviewed a lot of mobile batteries before, but the WakaWaka Power is one that I can really recommend. You can get it on the WakaWaka site for about $79.00.

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