Vision Protective Shield from Konnet Care

Konnet CareI will have to say that I like my job of testing out products, but there are times where I try them out and cannot see the effects. The Vision Protective Shield from Konnet Care is one of these products.

The Vision Protective Shield stops a problem that you probably didn’t know that you had. According to the official site: “numerous neuron research had evidently illustrated that blue light and ultra-violet from LED screen of all electronic devices, such as smartphone, tablets, computer display, television, etc. adversely impact to our eyes”. In other words, the screens on our mobile devices can hurt our eyes.

I have no idea how much damage this can do for your eyes. In all honesty, the cell phone is pretty new technology, and I have heard some claim that cell phones have inherent radiation that will harm us over time. Tine will indeed prove these theories to be true, but I believe that a little prevention could help.

However, most users want a screen protector for their phone, so why not have one that can block out UV rays? Now, I can’t really see how it does it, which is why I included a video after the jump which attempts to show the difference.

You can get the Konnet Care Vision Protective Shield for your smartphone for about $19.99, which covers most models. If you want it for the tablet, it costs about $24.99. You can find out more about it here.

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