Tablift is another great way to mount your tablet

tabliftThe iPad and other tablets are a great way to do just about anything, but most of them are not set up in such a way that is easy to use. For those who are tired of constantly holding the tablet in place, you should consider Tablift.

You will notice that it is perfect for positions like leaning in your bed. In case you can’t tell, the Tablift has four very flexible legs, and it has three angles where you can stick in your tablet. The Tablift has a bungee cord thing that can hold the tablet in place. This bungee cord thing can be adjusted by winding it around the tablet itself, and I got it working with my smartphone.

This really is a good way to keep the tablet mounted in a place, but yeah, it would be sort of a hindrance if every tablet had four adjustable legs and a stand, not to mention bunjees. Still, the Tablift is pretty portable, even if it is not light.

Please don’t interpret this as a bad review, because every talbet user needs a Tablift. That might be a good slogan: “Every tablet needs a Tablift”, with accompanying jingle music. You can get it now on the Tablift site for $59.95.

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