Olloclip is now for the Galaxy S phones now!

Olloclip samsung_photo_lens2I think you all know that I love me some Olloclip products. It seems like whenever I think I have seen it all from them, something new comes my way. In this case, this might be the first one for a non-Apple product that I have reviewed.

In fact, it is for the Galaxy S5, which is now my personal smartphone. The Olloclip for the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a terrific way of altering the view of the smartphone by just clipping on a lens. This one is a 4-in-1, and it has the usual Fisheye, wide-angle, 10X Macro, and 15X Macro set of lenses. When I say usual, it is the pattern of most Olloclip products.

This Olloclip can snap right onto the S5, and I actually tried it out on a Galaxy S3 and it seemed to be nigh compatible. When I say nigh, I mean that I would trust it to stay on an S3. It does stay on very well for the Galaxy S5.

So, I highly recommend this Olloclip for the Galaxy S5 if you have one. You can find it on the Olloclip site, but I don’t have a price just yet. I highly recommend you pre-order it.

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