The iPod Classic says Good-bye

ipod Classic“One life ends, another begins”. Yeah, I took that from Avatar, and I definitely think that it applies to Apple. I’m guessing that the company made one of their big announcements ever with the Apple Watch.

Lest we forget that Apple was having its own troubles, but much of that changed when the iPod hit the market. Remember how this invention changed…everything? Yeah, that clicker wheel really changed everything, but it is now just a nostalgic thing of the last decade.

Whenever Apple makes a big announcement, they shut down the Apple store. When it came up again, the availability of the iPod Classic was no more. Granted, the Shuffle, nano, and Touch are still here.

I never do really like when an era comes to an end, and I can’t help but wonder if the iPad mini is next. I mean, that iPhone 6 Plus is pretty big.


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