HookUpz Universal IS-100 Smartphone Optics Adapter from Carson Optical

Hookupz 1In case you are wondering what this fish-shaped mechanism is, it is the HookUpz Universal IS-100 Smartphone Optics Adapter from Carson Optics. It is definitely for the age of the smartphone camera, as it allows the user the ability to like their smartphone’s camera lens to binoculars, telescope, microscope, and more.

It actually isn’t difficult to get it to work. It starts with inserting the smartphone into the slot on the bottom, and then using the vise-like grip on the side. From there, you take take your lens or other device on the other side. Now you can take pictures with smartphone and get the same magnification from the lenses on whatever you put on it.

Hookupz 2After trying it, I will have to say that I tried it out on my Galaxy S 5, but it barely fit. I believe that any phablet is just not going to work, so you are out of luck if you are an iPhone 6 Plus user. I also had some problems with hooking it up with my binoculars, but any eyepiece diameter of 20-58 mm. You can see it hooked up with the second image here.

You should be able to find it for about $59.99 on Amazon, but I’m not certain if you can find it at any other place for a cheaper price.

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