Digital Innovations Part 1: SoundDr, ChargeDr Pro, and DeviceDryer

SoundDrToday, I want to talk about Digital Innovations, as they are a company that has created a lot of terrific products. The last product that I reviewed was the Nest, an excellent way to store headphones without tangles.

I’ll start with the SoundDr. I suppose that this product is made for those who want a low-budget Bluetooth speaker without the Bluetooth. Simply put, the SoundDr is a platform that you just place your mobile device on, and bam, you have instant amplification.

There is no wires, no pairing, and it works. Trust me, as I have tried it out, and there is a noticeable increase in volume after putting my phone on it. It can put out about 2 watts per channel of stereo sound, but it does require 3 AA batteries. You should be able to get it on the Digital Innovations site for about $29.99.

ChargeDr ProThen there is the ChargeDr Pro USB Charge Booster. This is an interesting high-speed charger made for laptops. This is a two-way USB dongle that you plug into your laptop, and then connect the charging cord to that and your tablet or phone.

In case you are wondering why you are needing a product like this, you should know that the ChargeDr Pro USB Charge Booster can increase your charging speed to 4 times for a tablet and 2 times for a phone. Considering how slow my phone charges from my USB port on my laptop, I could use a little speed.

The ChargeDr Pro USB supports all kinds of connectors, and it has a switch for toggling between synching and high-speed charging. It’s a very helpful device to have, and it is available for $29.99 on the Digital Innovations site.

DeviceDryerNow, the last device I tried out, but not in a serious emergency. This is the DeviceDryer, and it can effectively dry out all kinds of mobile devices in about 24-48 hours.

These are some moisture absorbing beads that will suck out all water in your phone should the unthinkable happen, like dropping your phone in the bathtub or toilet. I’m going to make a disclaimer and say that I did not purposefully do that before testing this out.

However, I will say that I admire one feature of this product, which is the way the moisture absorbing beads change color to show that they are working. If you want to get in on this, you can buy it for $9.99 on the Digital Innovations site.

We’re going to cover Digital Innovations and other products tomorrow, so I guess I should say something like “stay tuned”.

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