Marblue Reviews, Part 2: Headforms headphones for kids

HeadformsOkay, it is time to talk about Marblue’s headphones, the HeadFoams. That’s right, it is the HeadFoams, as in something that is soft on your head.

Now, I said in my first Marblue review that I am reviewing these products myself. These ones are definitely designed for kids, because you can bend them in all different ways. So if your kids are fighting over them, then it is a fair game of tug-of-war.

So yes, there is not only are these durable for kids, but it has an 85 decibel limiter. Yeah, I had a lot It is interesting, but as an adult, I would have to say that they don’t fit on my head. So it is designed for small heads or my head is huge.

So if you want to get them for your kids, feel free to head over to the Marblue site and pay $29.99 for them.

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