HiFiMAN RE300a InLine Control Earphones

HiFiman RE300aIt’s been a while since I reported on any HiFiMAN products. They have some pretty quality goods, and I had a chance to try out the RE300a InLine Control Earphones.

HiFiMAN’s logo is “Innovating the Art of Listening”, and I think that means they are one of those companies that really take their audio seriously, not just out to make a quick buck. On the box, it says that these premium earphones are “designed for Android”. I’m not certain what makes this different then earphones made for Apple products, but I tried it on my Samsung S5, and my tunes sounded very, very good.

The driver diameter here is only 8.5, which makes them very small. They fit in my ears well, and they lock in very well. In addition to that feature, it has a convenient hands-free design allowing the user to talk on the phone, even while on the road.

I would recommend these earbuds if you are looking for a good pair. You can get them on the Head Direct site for about $49.99.

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