Threadsmith Hydrophobic Nanotechnology works

This weekend, I decided to test an item that I received with the Threadsmith’s Plain White Tee. I tested it out in the shower and made a video of it. Don’t worry, it is SFW, and I didn’t make a video in the shower with a Plain White Tee so I could sing “Hey There Delilah” by the Plain White T’s.

Okay, I first did a video in the shower staining a normal shirt. Yes, the shirt is one that I got at E3 years ago, and it is a tribute to Rockband 3.

You can see that the shirt is pretty well stained, and the warm shower water that I immersed the stains did not help much. However, I put on the Threadsmith T-shirt and then put on the condiments, that you can see here:

You can see that the ketchup stain came out right away, and there was no trace. The same happened with the the mustard stain. You may notice that the Hot Sauce stain didn’t exactly come out with the water.

Please understand that I am not holding the residue of the Hot Sauce stain against the company. Threadsmith’s technology uses nanotechnology, and it did much more than a regular Hanes T-shirt would do. I highly recommend it, but the shirts are expensive at $65 AUD. Check out the Threadsmiths site and see it for yourself.

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