Go Puck 5X and Active Mount Review

Go PuckHere is another product that I found at CES 2016, and it isn’t exactly one that I haven’t reviewed before. Yeah, the Go Puck (please resist the urge to say “yourself” after this product) is a mobile battery, and I just reviewed the MyCharge HubPlus.

The 5X version is about the size of your palm, which is about the size of the 3X model as well. It has about 6600 mAh which is good for charging a little phone (like the iPhone 4S) about 5 times (hence the 5X name).

The Go Puck 5X has a dual USB output, with standard and rapid charging at up to 2 Amps. It has that 4 LED State of Charge Indicator, and it includes a 40-inch micro-USB active cable.

Notice that I put the Active Mount in the title, and it is worth doing its own article about. The Active Mount snaps onto the Go Puck 5X, and it allows for mounting to things like belts and such, and a GoPro can be mounted on it.

These products can be purchased on the Go Puck website with the 5X being about $79.99 and the Active Mount on its own for $19.99.

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