Japanese Company Developing an Invisible Train

Invisible TrainYou know all those movies that take place in the future, where every city looks all dystopian and future-y? Well, in the future, you won’t find this invisible train.

Actually, you might. This is a Japanese train-travel company Seibu railway, and the idea is to develop a fast commuter train that can blend in the landscape.

I don’t think that this will be one of those things like the invisible car like in Die Another Day (which was utterly ridiculous, by the way). However, I like the idea of creating some kind of artificial cloak of invisibility. This is all really a design with some “semi-reflective surface”, and it helps it blend in.

In other words, the future might look like something that can blend into nature, rather than something that is gray and concrete, something that looks like an aberation of nature.

So forget that Blade Runner dream of the future, because it takes place in 2019 anyway. Instead, think…I don’t know, I don’t think there is any futuristic movie that doesn’t see the future as some seriously bleak dystopian place.


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