Pokemon GO Sweeps Nation

Pokemon GOAt this point, I don’t know if I even need to report on Pokemon GO. You can just go out to a park and see people on their smartphones, looking to find some Pokemon that they can capture.

I have been reporting on Pokemon GO since its announcement, and I saw its potential from the get-go. I thought that only fans of the franchise would be playing it, but it is affecting 65 million users.

The thing is that the mobile game is getting people outside, in public places, going to places that they would not normally go. So far, I have heard a lot of stories about how muggers have had better business because of it.

However, it is really interesting to see people playing the game, and talking with each other. People are meeting their neighbors in a very good atmosphere.

The thing is that this is so new, but it will really sweep the nation. I see a future where every franchise will have a location-based game. I’m sure that there will be a lot of businesses that will pay Pokemon GO to put a gym at their place.

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