Kick and Fennick Game Review

kick-and-fennick2I’m just going to say that I think that Kick and Fennick is a great game, just like Clustertruck was. It’s kind of funny, because most reviews give this a game a 6 or 7 out of 10, but I believe it should get at least an 8.

Kick and Fennick starts off showing some future world that looks like it is out of sixties and seventies sci-fi films. Most of the background is white, so everything has that really sterile look that really makes the atmosphere. The opening spotlights Kick, who is a little kid, and it feels like you are about to watch a hidden gem of a sci-fi film, like Logan’s Run or THX-1138.

Kick awakes to find a robot named Fennick that looks like a Fennec fox, at least in the ear department. Kick wakes up in what looks like to be some kind of cybernetic cryogenic sleep, and nearly falls to his doom. Fennick saves him, but his power supply, which is this Christmas tree light on his tail, is depleted and broken. Kick realizes that there is a power source on top of a huge building, and there is one way to do that. The best part of this sequence is that the story is told without a word of dialogue, which also makes the atmosphere of this game.

Kick finds this big gun that has such a powerful kick (pun intended), that it makes him fly up in the air. Oh, he can also shoot things with that gun as well. Most of the action takes place around this gun, and it can be fired again in the air, and time slows when it is time to aim. I enjoy that this time-slowing aiming effect, and it also makes this game.

This is a game where you are solving levels, and there is this weird big robot in the background. What is interesting is that from the get-go, I have no idea what the story is. Since I am reviewing the game, I haven’t seen if the entire storyline is revealed by the end of the game. I mean, why is Kick in cryo-sleep, and where did this robot come from. Can it be told without a word of dialogue?

You can find out more about Kick and Fennick on the main website here.

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