iShower Bluetooth Speaker, Created by iDevices

I’m sure that most of us sing in the shower, and I believe that it has been scientifically proven that the acoustics in the shower are better than just singing it out.

I suppose that if we are going to sing in the shower, we might as well have proper musical accompaniment. This is the iShower, a Bluetooth-enabled water resistant speaker, and it is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and all sorts of Android devices.

In fact, it is capable for pairing up to five devices, and I was able to do it from my Android device’s Music Player. In fact, the music started played the moment it was paired. I was able to play sound from YouTube videos. I also found that the sound was quite good, and loud. It could easily drown out the flowing water.

Yes, it is water resistant, and the cover for the 3 AAA batteries is locked solidly. You will notice that it has this thing on the back that folds down to stand up, and it comes with a thing to mount it on.

I really like the iShower, as it has a terrific sound and has a clock on it as well. In short, it is what you want to bring into the shower. You might want to set up your playlist before you start the water, though.

The best price that I can find for the iShower is about $99.99 on This is the lowest price that I could find.

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