X-Mini KAI Capsule Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Having just tried out the X-mini UNO Capsule speaker, I felt pretty satisfied. Then I tried out the X-mini KAI Capsule Wireless Speaker.

The KAI essentially has the same set up as the UNO, but it is larger when fully extended. Yes, it has the accordion formation, and I believe that I forgot to mention when I reviewed the UNO how the sound changes when the speakers are compressed. The sound is good with 40mm drivers.

Oh, and of course there is the Bluetooth Wireless capability, which isn’t exactly rare for speakers these days. In case you were wondering, the KAI has the same ability of the UNO as you can daisy chain the speakers together, and I daisy chained a KAI with a UNO. I call it the UNO-KAI!

If you want this, feel free to head over to the X-mini site and pay about 99.00 in SGD for it. Again, do the money translation yourself.

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