Spider PowerForce, get the audiophiles!

I realize that this headline sounds like some sort of battle cry from some team that Spider-man would lead, but let me clarify. The PowerForce is a pair of headphones from a company known as Spider, and they are very good for those who appreciate good sound.

The PowerForce has some super-soft protein-leather pads that “make one feel comfortable even after hours of wearing”. I’m not certain about that, but that headband up on top is pretty cozy.

Of course, it is all about sound when discussing a pair of headphones. I will have to say that it was quite good, and this is thanks to a combination of a premium memory foam pad, audio filter, 40mm driver, dynamic hearing design, and aluminum protector. All this can block outside noise, a lot like the 808 headphones that I reviewed earlier.

The PowerForce can also fold up in such a way that is compact for a case. Also, it allows for single-ear, studio listening, DJ-style. I did find the folding up a little confusing, sort of like a road map, but I got used to it.

There wasn’t really a lot of information on the Spider site on this, but it is available in Black or White for about $129.95.

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