RockSteady XS, a small rockin’ Bluetooth Speaker

Okay, I will have to admit that I am starting to lose track of the Bluetooth Speakers that I have been reviewing lately. Just to let you know, the dimensions of the RockSteady XS are quite small at 2″ x 2″ x 6.5″, but it produces 100 decibels of sound, much louder than its competition.

Since I talked about what makes the RockSteady XS stand out from the competition, I will talk about another thing that makes this Bluetooth Speaker different. It has a removable battery in the back, so I would imagine if you had enough batteries lying around, you would keep this speaker going for quite a long time. As it is, the rechargeable Li-ion battery is good for about 10 hours, and, in case you are interested, it supports playback while charging.

I found that the RockSteady XS was metallic in construction with a solid aluminum case, and I could probably play catch with it as it was very durable. Then there are all the usual features of a Bluetooth speaker like optional 3.5 mm line-in, rechargeable with micro USB with optional plug-in.

The RockSteady XS should be out this month at many retail stores, for an MSRP of about $99.99. You can find out more about it here.

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