The Sensia 200D Connect from PURE should be a media hub in every house

I can’t remember the first time I saw the Sensia 200D Connect, but it is probably a few years ago, when I saw it at CES. That’s right, I did say a few years ago, so the Sensia, or something like it, has been out since then.

Since then, I have been wanting to review it, and I am so glad that I did. You may say that my wanting to review it so bad may have tainted my actual review of it, and to that I say: I sure am not disappointed.

The Sensia 200D Connect is essentially a Media Hub for your house. It comes with a 5.7 touchscreen, and you can use it to connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi. You can listen to music from Internet radio, or if you want to, you can tune into the FM radio (or snail radio) with the old-school antenna.

I have never been too big into Internet radio, as I only listen to radio when I am in the car. However, I can remember a time when the radio was a hub of audio in the household even with homes with a television, and this is not happening anymore. Perhaps it is the rise of the personal music era with iPod Playlists and what-not.

Whatever the reason, the Sensia 200D Connect can be used to stream music from an Apple or Android device, not to mention a music collection from a PC or Mac or even from a USB stick. As I mentioned before, it can do Internet radio, and I was able to access many songs from the Internet in a few seconds of operation.

The sound is good with 30W RMS, and there is a remote control to make the experience more personalized. Oh, I forgot to mention that you can set it up for Facebook, Picasa, and Twitter.

Yes, in talking about the PURE Sensia 200D Connect, it is a lot easier to talk about what it can’t do in comparison to what it can do. Personally, I think that every house should have one somewhere, and I look forward to a day when our connected homes will have one in each room.

I am getting varying details on the price, but the PURE Sensia 200D Connect is about £249.99. Make a translation of the dollars and I hope you can find it for a good price better than $449.

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