Hands on with IUI Design’s Mirror Boombox

I first encountered the Mirror Boombox from IUI Design at CES, and I was pretty impressed by it, especially in a market full of Bluetooth Speakers. After all, it isn’t every day that you see a Bluetooth speaker that looks like a side view mirror ripped off at Mini Cooper.

Actually, I don’t know whether or not the Mirror Boombox is specifically designed to mimic the cars most famous in both versions of The Italian Job. I will have to say that their design is a huge selling point, and another thing I like is the Mirror screen.

I don’t know why I missed reporting on it the first time I saw this speaker, but the controls light up on the mirror, sort of like you see in the image. I don’t think I have ever reviewed a device that has had it before. Just to let you know, you cannot push the light-up icons on the mirror, but they are indicators of the touch-sensitive controls above. You can see the volume controls and the one in the middle is a pause/play button.

Something that I didn’t know that this had was NFC, and the Near Field Communication is terrific for automatic pairing. I tried it out on my Samsung Galaxy S III and it worked quite well.

Okay, this is what makes the Mirror Boombox different from other Bluetooth Speakers like the RockSteady XS. Everything else is just the same as most with the Aux-in and mini-USB recharging. You can get this now on the Mirror Boombox site for $179.99, but to this writing, is discounted to $149.99 uSD. It comes in three designs that include Union Jack, Racing Flag, and plain black.

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