Throne headphones from I-MEGO

I had a good encounter with I-MEGO back at CES, and I will have to say that they have some quality headphones. I was privileged to try out the Throne Gold.

As you can see, the Throne has that gold look to it, and you have to admire how the cans resemble radio microphones from days past. That alone makes these pair of headphones very classy, and so does the real leather headband with signature I-MEGO stitching.

I have to admit, I was surprised at the size of the cans on these headphones. They are only large enough for the ear, but I think we all know that size does not matter. I found that the sound that these phones put out was pretty loud on 1. I can imagine that they would completely blow my brains out at 10. I decided not to risk it, but I am guessing that the 10 on these headphones are at least a 14 on regular headphones.

In case you are interested in the actual specs, here they are: They have a driver diameter of 40mm x 2, frequency response 20-20,000Hz, Sensitivity of 105=/- 5db, 32 Ohm Impedance. You can get them on the I-MEGO site two colors: Gold and Poison, which appears to be a silver color.

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