Axis Wallet for iPhone 5, by HEX

I really believe that we are looking at an era where the wallet is going to be passe as more and more functions leave our wallet and become apps on our smartphone like the MasterCard MasterPass.

The Axis Wallet for the iPhone 5 is ready to handle the transitional period between digital cash and actual credit cards and cash. The Axis Wallet is made with pockets for credit cards and cash, but this is nothing new. What is unique is how these slots fold up like a tiny folder, keeping the iPhone 5 safe. There is even an elastic strap to keep the folder shut.

Not only is this a custom molded phone bed (yes, I took that from the website), but it is also a folio case. This means that you can use your Axis Wallet as a stand to watch videos on your iPhone 5. I know very few iPhone 5 cases that can do that.

If this sounds like it is for you, feel free to head to the HEX site and lay down $49.95 for it.

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