The Wi-Drive+ MobileLite from Kingston

mobilelite-2-500x281I know I have stated that I am still behind on CES stuff before, and I have finally got caught up beta-testing this Wi-Drive+ MobileLite from Kingston.

If you are not familiar with Kingston, they make a lot of thumb drives and other methods of memory storage. The Wi-Drive+ MobileLite is a wireless card and USB reader, and allows content to be shared with about 3 users.

The set up is quite simple. All you need to do is charge it with the USB cord, and its three ports are ready. The ports are SD, MicroSD, and USB port. All you need to do is get the App for iOS and Android, and you can access whatever is on the Wi-Drive + MobileLite wirelessly, provided your smartphone is set up for the Wi-Drive.

You can access your content plugged into the Wi-Drive+ MobileLite from your smartphone wirelessly, and you don’t need to clog up your phone with any more programs than you want to.

Now, I am going to fill out a Survey for this, which means that I have no idea when this will hit the market. You can go to the Kingston site and see what else they have.

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