BlueAnt Q3 Bluetooth headset

BlueAnt Q3BlueAnt has been quite an influential player in the Bluetooth headset business, and I personally believe that every smartphone owner should own a Bluetooth headset just so I don’t see them behind the wheel with one hand glued to the ear.

The BlueAnt Q3 allows the user to have “true-to-life” conversations. As someone who has tried it out for myself, I will agree to this, and I see on the website that it has double the bandwith between the phone and the earpiece. It has a speaker driver and dual microphones, and the headset even had Wind Armour Technology for noise reduction and echo cancellation.

The Q3 also has a “conference mode” made into the earpiece, and there is a lot of one-button functionality. For example, you can push a button and say “check battery”, and it will tell you how much battery life is in the phone and the headset. Then there is the whole speaking “Answer” and “Ignore” when the phone rings.

One thing that I love about the Q3 is the shape. It has a very curvaceous nature to it that looks extremely futuristic and yet contemporary at the same time. Most Bluetooth headsets aren’t really into the aesthetic quality of craft, but this one took me by surprise.

You should be able to get the Q3 Premium Smartphone Earpiece on the BlueAnt site for about $99.99 here in regular and Platinum.

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