Meet Mantis, the hexpod robot

Just the other day, I was writing about a robot that was modeled after a dragonfly, and now you can see this Mantis. The Mantis isn’t exactly modeled after a praying mantis, but this hexapod moves like an insect.

The Mantis weighs in at two tons, and is powered by diesel. It is designed for all terrains, which means that it can go on some pretty difficult terrains like giant piles of rubble. You will note that its cockpit is similar to that of a jet airplane, and I have to admire its joystick controls.

According to my Source, it took four years to construct this Mantis, and the inventor is Matt Denton. You can see in the video after the jump that the hydraulic legs are quite adept, and can even push an obstacle out of the way.

Okay, now there is the matter of what you want to use the Mantis for? I can’t help think that this belongs in some speculative fiction movie as some war machine, but I think it needs some missiles and machine guns. If only it can jump like a real Mantis.


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