Sonic Alert Sonic-connect 2 is another method of notification

prodimg-SEC200-lrgSome of you might remember when I reported on that EMBRACE+ Kickstarter project with those bracelets that flash when receiving an e-mail.

I had a chance to try out the Sonic-Connect 2, which takes the concept of flashing notification on a less portable level. Simply put, the Sonic-Connect 2 plugs into a USB port on your computer and will inform you if you receive e-mails, Skype messages, or even IMs.

It is pretty simple to set up, and notifies you with bright flashing lights, vibration, and a loud ringer as well. What is cool about the email notification is you can even set it up so it will flash when you receive a certain e-mail. So if you are waiting all day for that important e-mail to come, this is where you can hear it at.

I have to admit that what sold me on the Sonic-connect 2 was the customization. As it is, I think we have too many things givings us notifications. My cellular phone tells me when I have an email, and I usually keep that by my desk anyway. Also, if you are hearing-impaired, this will be a good way of receiving notifications.

If you are looking into getting this kind of action for yourself, it only costs about $49.95, available at the Sonic Alert site.

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