Amazon Dash is apparently a real product

Amazon DashYesterday, I was trying to see if I could cover some new products, and on April Fool’s Day, you’ll usually see some joke products. I thought that the Amazon Dash was one of them.

One of my Sources says that this is real. The Amazon Dash is a one click shopping method that involves no logging on whatsoever. Basically, it is a button that you can push to order things that you need, when you discover that you need them. For example, if you are needing some Bounty paper towels, just push the button and you have an Amazon ship you that item.

Okay, personally, I see this as a way of making your life easier, but it is also a way for corporations to place their names all over your house. Some have been critical of the Amazon Dash become of that, and I will have to agree. Also, I think there needs to be a limit on this because if you have kids, then you know how they love to push buttons. Maybe there is a max-out button or something.

I have no idea how much this service will become available, or when it will be available. Maybe by the time Amazon has its drone delivery program.