Lessons Learned from CES 2014

20140108_120401The image that you see here is from a presentation from Compass Intelligence, and I really think that it partially summarizes CES. One of the reasons why I like going to this event is so I can see tomorrow’s futures today, and there really is a lot that I saw that demonstrates how much of a sci-fi world we live in today.

While I was in the Press Room on Sunday, I imagined that my younger self from 1984 leapt forward in time. I imagined that my past-self would be overwhelmed by the tech of personal computers and smartphones, but might be disappointed by the lack of flying cars. Still, there is so much out there to be impressed by, but much of it is being imitated.

You can see that almost half of all consumers are interested in buying a Smart Watch, Fitness Monitor, or Digital Glasses. These were devices that I kept seeing imitated. The worst was the Fitness monitor, as there was practically a large percentage of the showfloor dedicated to variations of essentially the same device.

I would have to say that CES 2014 didn’t really give me a revolutionary device. In 2010, I saw Parrot’s AR.Drone for the first time, and loved it. It reminded me why I came to CES every year. You may have noticed that the only thing at CES that I wrote about was the new versions of this product.

Clearly, we need more innovation in our technology, but it feels like we are stuck in a rut. I think I see that change comes, but it happens very slowly. One day, Facebook starts a college, and now everyone is on it. What is the next Facebook? What is the next Apple?

It feels like a lot can happen, but it just kind of isn’t. We really need innovators, not imitators.

Double Robotics unveils the future of telepresence

dock-with-doubleI have said before that the future of robotics and in general is telepresence. If you aren’t familiar with it, think of it as a way of sending a robot in your place. You can literally be in more than two places at the same time, and the number of places is limited to how many of these things you can control.

Double Robotics showed off their robot at CES 2014, which has a unique ability to balance on a cylinder. The top is a stand that is made for an iPad, and since it has a front-facing camera, it can see you. I have noticed that a lot of telepresence robots have this look to them: a big pole with wheels.

The company recently announced a way to recharge the robot with a charger that will come with it. I believe it is made to simply park next to the robot and charge inductively, like a Powermat. It is available for purchase for a price of $2,499, and you can find out more about the company here.

We are here at CES 2014 all week!

CES 2014In case you haven’t heard, we will be at CES 2014. In case you haven’t heard what CES is, it is a huge electronics show that takes place in Las Vegas, and I managed to get myself here.

During this next week, most of the big tech companies will be displaying all of their cool stuff that they intend to release this year. I will be viewing all kinds of new tech, and I fully intend to report on it and send my findings back to you, with pictures.

Let me just say that I am already exhausted, and the conference hasn’t even started yet. Let’s just say that last year when I posted about CES 2013, I said that “Conventions are fun, after they’re done”. Something tells me that I will have a whole load of memories to share this time around, and there really is a lot to bring to the table here.

As of now, I am very bushed, having driven since 3 o’clock in the morning to arrive here in Vegas at noon for the Press Registration. Tonight, I will be attending an event known as CES Unveiled, where a lot of big companies will be showing off. I look forward to seeing them.

LG and Sony planning to unveil smartwatches?

LG-G-arch-and-G-health-header-640x431Even though I was against smartwatches before, I am now starting to like them since my review of the Galaxy Gear. I have been hearing for a while that Apple is working on it own version of the smartwatch, and here is a another surprise, LG and Sony are apparently working on smartwatches as well.

The one that LG is working on could be the G Arch, and it could be related to another rumored device from the company known as the G Health. The G Health is apparently one of those health bands, sort of the like Bodymedia type. I honestly don’t see why that can’t happen, as the Bodymedia and Fitbit seems like simple devices that would not be complicated were they put on a smartwatch.

As for what Sony is putting out, there are rumors of the SWR10. It will probably have NFC and Bluetooth built right in, which I am not surprised to hear. As for the SmartWatch 2, what Sony has out now, it has a 1.6 inch screen with 220 x 176 pixel resolution display.

If the rumors of these watches are true, then I imagine that I will probably see these at CES. If so, I’ll need to take some pictures.

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