Mobelisk MoGo Chimera is poised to change everything

Mobelisk MoGo Chimera exploded view1Generally, I don’t like to say that a product can change everything unless I truly believe it to be true. In the case of the Mobelisk MoGo Chimera, I really believe that the potential for it is amazing.

Now I know you are looking at this picture and thinking: “So what, it is a tablet with handles”. While iPad and other tablet companies have truly opened our eyes to what a tablet can do, I still feel that their true potential is underused.

For example, let’s say I am working at a store that sells flatscreen TVs. A customer wants to buy one, and so I give that customer a piece of paper that tells hi or her that he or she can pick up a flatscreen at the front counter, and pay for it there. On the way, the customer has some serious buyer’s remorse and wonders if he or she is getting the best deal, and changes his or her mind. Now, imagine that same situation, but I have a Chimera, and I can show this customer on the tablet that he or she is getting the best deal. Not only that, I have a way of making that receipt for the customer, so no buyer’s remorse can set in.

As someone who worked retail for about four years, I can honestly say that every floor employee should have something like this. The problem is that every one doesn’t. I really believe that a product like this would be terrific if every employee, from the waiter to the used car salesman, were to have one.

Believe me, I understand why shops won’t invest. It is because this technology is probably too expensive for everyone to have. However, for the customer to see the best deals and to make fast purchases, I consider it completely worth it.