Merkury Innovations unveils Geeni Line of Smart Home Products at CES 2017

Here’s another post about CES 2017, and this one is from Merkury Innovations, who is making some Geeni Line of Smart Home Products. These smart home products include a range of smart bulbs, cameras, and some other things as well.

Let’s start with the smart bulbs, which means these lights can be controlled from anywhere. Part of the series is the Lux Series, that include the 800 and 1050: 800lm (60W-equivalent) and 1050lm (75W equivalent) which costs $24.99-$29.99. There is also the Lux DROP 750lm (65W equivalent) for ceiling fixtures for $29.99, and the Lux FLOOD: 950lm (75W equivalent) for floodlight fixutres for $29.99.

There is also the Prisma series with customizable white or color settings smart bulbs, and you can chose from many types of colors. The models available are 450 (45W equivalent) and 1050 lm (75 equivalent) at prices of $24.99 and $34.99 respectively.

gn-ww103-199_cThen there is the smart power category, which gives some smart plugs for turning any plugged-in electronics on and off from just about anywhere with the Geeni app. There is a Sport series which costs $19.99, and the Energi series with a smart plug and energy meter for about $24.99. Oh, there is also the Surge series, a smart surge protector with 4 outlets and 4 USBs, which costs $49.99.

In addition to this, there is the Vision Smart Camera. It has a 1080p full HD camera with night vision, as well as some motion notification. There is a built-in microphone and speaker, and you can record footage with some microSD cards. It will cost about $89.99.

Check out their products on the Geeni website.