The Gravitas from Henge Docks

gravitasJust in case you don’t know, the word “gravitas” is defined as “dignity, seriousness, or solemnity of manner”. For some reason, I remember hearing this word around some presidential election, but not the last one. It’s funny how certain buzzwords show up around certain occasions.

In the case of Henge Docks, the Gravitas is a great dock for an iPhone or iPad. It is pretty heavy, so it can sit on your desk like a paperweight or something. I’m told that it is made of some zinc alloy that is more dense than aluminum, so it feels quite heavy.

If you haven’t realized it yet, there is a lightning port so you can dock the iPhone or iPad there. There are all kinds of inserts so you can put in all kinds of iPhones, and I don’t have enough iPhones from other generations to try this out.

So, since this is a dock, can you use it for recharging? Uh, yes, that is what a dock is! The coolest part is you can use the included double USB cord so you can sync your iPad or iPhone to your computer. By the way, there is a built-in speaker.

In short, I believe that the Gravitas is something that really needs to be owned by everyone with an iPhone or iPad. You should be able to purchase it on the for $69.

Henge Docks Vertical Docking Station for the MacBook Pro with Retina Display

HengedocksYou have to admire the company Henge Docks, and how they are well-prepared for those who have a MacBook Pro. Chances are, if you have a MacBook Pro, you use it to interact with another laptop, desktop, or even a home theater. Of course, if you do that, then you are going to have some serious cable clutter.

That is, unless you get the Vertical Docking Station. This particular device is made so you can just plug and play. That is, you just plug it in so it lines up with the two Mini DisplayPorts, USB 3.0, and the Audio, and it is ready to interface with whatever computer or theater you want it to.

It is compatible with Apple Thunderbolt displays and cables, and there are side and rear vents for maximizing cooling. It also has a sleek metal finish to fit in with the Apple design aesthetic.

Enough about the features, let’s talk about the ease of use. I highly recommend a subtle plug in with the Vertical Docking Station at first, as you don’t want to be off. In other words, don’t wiggle it and it should get easier to plug in and out every time.

If you like this, you should get over to the Henge Docks site and lay down about $119 for it, available for 13-inch and 15-inch MacBooks.